MAGAS – “New Dawn” from the Explanatory Denial EP (Midwich Productions, 2017)

MAGAS – “Heads Plus” from the Heads Plus EP (Midwich Productions, 2015)

MAGAS – “Statue” from the Violent ARP EP (Punch Records, 2009)

MAGAS – “Transgressors” from the May I Meet My Accuser LP (Imaginary Conflict / Wwilko, 2006)

MAGAS – “Blind Contact” from the Friends Forever 2LP (Ersatz Audio, 2003)

MAGAS – “Walkie Talkie” from the Bad Blood EP (Ersatz Audio, 2002)

LAKE OF DRACULA – “Violators” from the Skeletal Remains LP (Savage Land / Rococo, 2006)

LAKE OF DRACULA – “Blues Fantastique” from the Lake Of Dracula LP (Skin Graft, 1997)

MANY MOODS OF MARLON MAGAS – “Malaka” from the Piss 7″ (split with Velocity Hopkins) (Bulb, 1994)

COUCH – “Haters of Couch” from the Couch 7″ (Bulb, 1993)

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