New James Marlon Magas Album Ready For Fall 2022

Greetings friends,

I’m excited to announce that the recording and mixing of my solo debut album under my full name, James Marlon Magas, is complete. It is now in production. The world of vinyl production has been a bit unpredictable in recent times but I’ve managed to secure a production schedule. Planning on an October release, so check here or my twitter account for updates.

I’m very happy with how the album turned out and thrilled to collaborate with a few good friends in the process. I jumped out of the driver seat of MAGAS and let the car crash and burn. I changed my sound, changed my name, jumped back on the microphone and upped the ante, overall. I’m very excited to share these new songs with you. More info coming very soon. Watch for concert dates in the fall. Hope to be playing in a town near you.


James Marlon Magas

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